Why do I need a blindfold for sleeping

Blindfold for sleep-a fiction of Hollywood movies or a guarantee of healthy sleep?

Each of You will have seen in American films bandage on eyes for sleeping. This picture looks pretty cute and pretentious even for me. Silk sheets, chic peignoirs, and a cozy eye patch for sleeping, matched exactly to the tone. Decorated with rhinestones and frills, this element of the night wardrobe always seems to be an indicator of wealth and luxury


Do not mindlessly give up on it. During sleep, the human brain rests as much as possible, and the body has the opportunity to recover at the end of an active day. It is during sleep that our immune system is actively strengthened, and our state of mind comes to a phase of calm. It is very important to provide yourself with the right and useful atmosphere for sleep, which will allow you to restore the strength spent during the day as much as possible


How often can we not fall asleep… In agony, we try to pull a blanket over our head and create the most comfortable atmosphere for a quick sleep. The blanket interferes with the flow of fresh air and, most often, even more irritates a person suffering from insomnia.

Why is it so important to sleep in the dark?

  1. Melatonin production is the key to healthy sleep. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, sleep bandages are a necessity for many people, including you and us. We live in a time of active and energetic people. Sleep is the key to a healthy, active and successful person. Few people know that during sleep there is an active production of the hormone-melatonin
  2. Creating a cozy atmosphere. Most of us don't have much time to sleep. In the flow of street noise, thoughts in your head and problems, and in the light of a street lamp, it is very difficult to feel a cozy atmosphere that will contribute to a pleasant and peaceful sleep. Scientists have proven that the presence of sleep is not so important as its quality. Based on many social surveys, researchers in the field of sleep have come to the conclusion that it is the sleep bandages that help you fall asleep faster and get into the zone of deep and comfortable dreaming. This fact was confirmed by 9 out of 10 respondents of different ages.

Comfort for sleeping in uncomfortable conditions

Indeed, a sleep bandage is a great option for people who suffer from claustrophobia. In addition to this fact, the bandage will be an excellent helper for people who have to sleep during the day, at the airport for long flights or in rooms where it is difficult to observe complete darkness

Ophthalmic problems

By the way, the device is used not only by healthy people, but also by patients with serious ophthalmological pathologies. Especially during the period of active restoration of vision – for example, after laser restoration and other operations.

Non-standard application

When buying a new, non-standard item for us, we hesitate in the decision. One of the questions that keeps us waiting is, " Where else can I use this thing?" Versatility is one of the advantages of any purchase. And even with the functionality of a sleep bandage, you can find many interesting methods of application


Creative gift for sleep

A sleep headband can be a creative gift for a loved one or a loved one, a birthday gift or a surprise addition. Most often, many people want such a thing, but few people decide to make such a gift for themselves personally. Based on this article, you will be pleasantly convinced that your gift is not only beautiful and unexpected, but also will bring invaluable health benefits to a loved one.

In our active time, it is worth paying special attention to healthy sleep, which will help you to be cheerful and active in all areas of life. A sleep bandage will help anyone find a healthy and deep sleep by eliminating many external stimuli. It will create maximum comfort and comfort so that the brain is completely relaxed, and the mind is calmly immersed in a pleasant and deep sleep


How to choose

When buying such a new thing, first of all, you should pay attention to the convenience and quality of the product.

- try to choose natural fabrics in the main part of the product to avoid irritation on the skin and unpleasant sensations during sleep;
- please note that a special bulge for the nose will be a comfortable addition;
- the blindfold should allow light rays to pass through and create a comfortable dark environment.;
- be sure to try the bandage before you buy it. The product should not press, cause discomfort and other uncomfortable sensations